Tooking dates back to 2017. It is a practice project from the ALZA team, backed by a group of ALZA's family and friends.

Travel Ecosystem Blockchain

A restructured travel ecosystem based on the blockchain technology

Announcement: We recently received a massive amount of inquiries regarding investment opportunities. However, the team does NOT have a fundraising/ICO plan. We are a self-motivated research/engineering team aiming at bringing blockchain into real life.

Announcement: The team is planning to deploy the product on the ALZA blockchain.

How It Works How It Works

Restructed Payment

Peer to Peer Payment

Restructed Trust

Bidirectional Evaluation,Whole Chain Monitoring,Inteligent Arbitration

Restructed Data

Information Aggregation,Seamless Sharing

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  • $70 million USD annual revenue (current travel business)
  • 2,000+ North American hotels (chain and standalone establishments)
  • 300,000+ hotel rooms
  • 350+ medium and large licensed travel agencies in North America and Europe
  • 4,000+ North American tour guides
  • 40+ cities covered in North America

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International Travel Agency Resources

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